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Calling it a Day

I am calling it a day on this blog.  I am moving on.  I have another blog which I was doing before I started this one.  Then I go caught up in this blog and of course trying to conceive and being pregnant.  My other blog which is open and you’ll actually see a picture of me.  Ha ha feels a bit like Kiss unmasked LOL.  My other blog if you would like to follow me there is http://julieinthemaking.wordpress.com/ …. say hello and let me know you are there as I am trying to transfer my favourites blogs from here but not sure if I am doing it properly and I still want to keep following your journeys.  I will be checking in on my reader just in case I haven’t manage to transfer my blog list.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog and given me support over the last few years.  This community has been very important to help with all the feelings, fears and unknowns with TTC, IVF,  pregnancy and being solo.


Julie xxx

PS I didn’t have a hernia, think I pulled and muscle and had a cyst LOL

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Dairy Free and maybe a hernia!

Yesterday we went to our 7 week pediatrician appointment.  I love T pediatrician and have decided I would like to marry him (looks like Micheal Buble has fallen from No 1 LOL).  He is the loveliest, most gentle man who truly cares about his patients and job. T is going well except he gets unsettled a bit and has been having a bit of problems with blood in his poo.  Last time the Dr said back off on the dairy.  Now I need to go dairy free as the protein from the cow is too much for his little system. Off to the shop today to get some rice milk or soy and diary free margarine.  It shouldn’t be too hard.  But I looked at my favourite lollies I have in a secret stash for energy and they contain cows milk.  Bummer,  they have been put away.  

In my baby brain head I decided last week to finally carpet the house.  They come next week.  So I decided I need to try and paint all the doors, frames and stair railing before they come.  After the kids have gone to bed I have been madly paining,  luckily my brother is here and he has been helping.  Yesterday we got that finished. But I have overdone it.  On Thursday I started washing all the walls as I can’t paint them but they are coming up great.  After that I felt very sore and couldn’t paint that night. Then yesterday while K was in daycare we finished off all the painting except one feature wall.  Boom I was very sore.  Worried I had done something terrible I turned to Dr Google.  I have a lump in my groin and now over night it has gone down about half the size.  I think its a femoral hernia.  I have an Ob appt on Monday and will wait and rest until then.  Bummer I really wanted to have a feature wall in the lounge and had picked the colour.  I also think now I will have to call a good mate of mine to help move furniture over the few days they lay the carpet.  I must be raving mad – 7 week old baby,  recent c section,  toddler, painting and changing carpets. 

Must go and get the washing on as the house is like a bomb has hit it and all the housework is piling up as all my energy has gone into painting. 

Have a great weekend 🙂


Finally Some Pic’s

Created with Nokia Smart CamDSC01629

Finally some pictures of Toby.  We were back in hospital again on Wednesday for another blood transfusion and this should be the last time.  They ran out of veins,  as once you have used a vein you can’t use it again for a few weeks.  They tried in his hand and it didn’t work and his poor little hand filled up with blood and looked horrible and very sore. Since they had no veins left in his arms or legs they used his head.  It looks worse then what it is and worked really well.  He is now looking like a normal pink baby again.  You can see in the baby photo he is quite yellow from the hemolytic disease.

Been a big few weeks with everything and blood tests and in and out of hospital. But I am thankful for my healthy boy and that this is only a minor and temporary hiccup in the big scheme of life.  The hospital, doctor and nurses have been amazing.

That’s all for today as life is flat out with two and washing machine that now never stops.  Have a lovely weekend 🙂


Busy Busy Busy

After coming home from hospital for two days we were readmitted. Toby levels went up and he has had another ingram and a blood transfusion. We are home again now and he is doing much better. He has been feeding every 3 hours at night and want a feed every two hours in the day and a bit windy. With a 3 year old and a newborn I have had no time to write but have been briefly still following everyone.
That is all for now. I am going to have my cuppa tea in peace while Toby is sleeping and Kate is watching morning TV with her cereal. Parenting 101 – TV is good for early mornings when you are knacked!!!


Welcome Toby Oliver

So thrilled to announce the birth of my beautiful baby son, Toby Oliver. I still haven’t got a picture as I only got out of hospital yesterday after 9 days there. My blood levels suddenly went up and they had to take Toby out straight away. Toby has been under light therapy for the past 9 days and had a transfusion (not blood but another type I can’t remember the name) to eat up all the antibodies.
They let us go home Sunday but only just and today we had to return to have more blood tests and the results have gone up. So back to hospital again tomorrow. They are looking after him so fantastically.
I am completely besotted with him and he is so beautiful. He has been worth every tear, every disappointment, every BFN, every cent and every stress.
Will post a picture when I get my head together and unpack my bags.


Last Ob Appt before the big day

Thrilled, yesterday was my last Ob appt before the big day.  It was the quickest visit, weight checked = bloody huge (I have put on more than just a baby lol),  ultrasound – checked,  sleeping tablet – checked and lastly we’ll see you in theater next week – checked.  I have been a worrier this pregnancy,  I think more than last pregnancy. If I go a day of little movement this freaks me out.  I spoke with Ob about this.  She has given me another note to go get fetal monitoring at the hospital.  I made an appt for tomorrow morning then yesterday the little fella decided to move heaps all of yesterday and today.  So I have cancelled the appt for tomorrow as I don’t need to go now and feeling much happier.  But I can any Mon, Wed or Fri if I am worried about anything.

I am finding that I am snoozing every second day or so in the afternoons now. Thank God for TV and movies for my toddler.  It allows me to snooze while she is happy to snuggle next to me under a blanket and watch Toy Story or Shrek for the millionth time.  I just couldn’t do without my mini nap and it gets me through until bedtime.

Hoping for a quick 9 days till we get to book into hospital and meet our new family member.  Now off to get the washing off the line before the cold starts to make it damp.




3 weeks to go and counting

Only 3 weeks to go today and my second last visit to the OB.  I am very excited.  My appointment went well,  baby is going well and looking great.  On Saturday my ultrasound was excellent and my baby boy is a big, chubby one.  He is already bigger (currently 2.9kgs) than what my daughter was born at (2.8kgs).  The Ob today said throw in a 000 grow suit just in case.  So glad I am not pushing this one out.  My latest blood results haven’t come in yet but the ob said today if it gets to 4 we’ll just take him out.  Last time I was sitting at 2 and feel happy to be where I am for him and his health.

Today I changed around the lounge room.  My friend told me off for moving furniture but I only pushed the 2 seater around and the lazy boy recliner. They were light and easy to do.  I feel happy with change and vacuumed behind everything. Now my recliner, which is the most comfortable chair known to man kind is in the perfect spot for feeding.  I feel like I have achieved lots from just doing this one small change. 

Finally my whinge for today.  Is it me or is pregnancy but I am always dropping stuff and it’s infuriating me to tears.  I am completely over bending down and picking up things I have dropped. I can’t remember dropping this much stuff before or is it that before I didn’t have a belly in the way and it didn’t bother me???? Who knows but I am looking forward to bending down without a belly.  I tell ya what it’s one incentive to loss the baby belly afterwards.  Might you then it will be soft and flexible not rock hard.   

Enjoy your week 🙂

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Tears, no sleep and a locum visit

Well it’s 1.45am and I am waiting for the locum to visit.  I have had no sleep yet as my daughter has had an extremely sore ear.  She has just fallen asleep again after I have called the locum and now I am waiting for his visit.  I have been pumping ear drops in her ear and that seems to temporarily relieve it for half an hour or so.  Plus I have to wait another half and hour to give her anymore panadol.  Poor little thing she is very sore.

Seriously what a day it has been.  Today or should I say yesterday I was very teary,  I just couldn’t pull myself together.  Which is not like me,  plus I felt ill and was worrying about lack of movement.  I felt like this last time the day before I went into labour.  I phoned a friend and popped over to her place for coffee in the morning and that made me feel better but when I got home I still was very worried.  Last Dr visit the midwife gave me a certificate to be able to visit the hospital for a CTG (fetal monitoring) if I was getting worried.  So I went, even though I am going to get an ultrasound today.  When I got to the hospital I was teary as soon as I started speaking to the midwives.  They were fantastic.  As soon as they popped me on the machine the little fella decided it was time to play a game of footy and get the hipcups. He was powering along with movement.  All was ok.  I hate worrying so much and this has been building up over the last few days.  I would rather be safe than sorry and be told nothing is wrong then leave it and something actually be wrong. I have made that mistake last time.

The Dr has just called and will be here in 20 minutes. Must go looks like she could be waking again.


Maternity Leave is Here

Finally maternity leave is here. After working 2 weeks full time to get my full time maternity pay I am on leave. Thrilled and bloody tired,  my patience has worn thin and looking forward to not feeling so exhausted at night.  It was worth and I am glad I made it.  My daughter is also tired and was not herself yesterday (we were at home yesterday due to my appt) or  today at day care she was out of sorts.  She has never done full time either and it’s too much for a little one. I am glad I can afford to stay home and only work 2 days (well none now).

School had a lovely morning tea for me and gave me a $70 gift voucher.  Which was lovely but I have eaten junk food all day long and feeling a bit off from it.  I got some gorgeous cards from students and a nice present from one of the mums.  It was a nice day and the kids were pretty excited and we had a movie and munchies afternoon to celebrate my leaving.  They have are such a good class.

Pregnancy update – went to the ob yesterday and saw the midwife.  She has fantastic.  I have been scheduled for another ultra sound next Saturday and she gave me a referral, if I was feeling worried about bub to go to the hospital on my non appointment weeks to get fetal heart monitoring.  I will only go if I am feeling worried.  Over the next few weeks I have appointments and a few things to sort out before I go to hospital.

List to do;

Sort hospital bag out properly for both my daughter and I.

Put the car seat in.

Clean the car both inside and out.

Move bassinet and feeding chair into my room. Set up the bassinet and a little place for nappies and to do the night change.

Find breast pump and sort out the bottles for it.

Buy some maternity bra’s and crop tops for feeding and sleeping in.

Get a foot massage (this is top priority next Thursday when my daughter goes back to daycare).

Buy some little presents to give to my daughter daily at the end of her hospital visit so she feels happy and special to leave.

Get tax all sorted and ready to go – such a crappy job but if I get it done now at least it’s not hanging around in the back ground.

Renew my passport.

I think that is about it.

This weekend it is a long weekend.  Have a great weekend.




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Big Week of Work

Who could of thought a week of full time work could be so knackering!!!  I wasn’t this tired (and sick) last time I was pregnant and working full time, but last time I didn’t have a toddler.  Plus I am not used to working full time, last time I was full time was April 2011.  But my week went well and at least for 3 days out of the 5 I didn’t have to plan anything as I was in doing relief work and time pay back for other teachers so they left me work to do.  By day 5 I was not only tired but having bouts of feeling a bit ill.  One more round to go.

After a busy Saturday catching up on housework and food shopping we are going to head out to a miniature train day that is on once a month. It look great with mini trains that you ride on that have been restored by the engineering society.  I am hoping it doesn’t rain but will head out anyway as the rain buckets down and then clears up for a bit.  Then it’s home to eat cheesecake.  Last night I had friends over and was left with half a passionfruit cheesecake that I bought for it, which is simply divine.

This week is not as big as I only have to work 4 days as on Thursday I have an Ob appt in the middle of the day so I had to take the whole day off.  So it’s not to bad.  But then I am finished for the next 18 to 24 months.  I haven’t decided yet how much time I will take off with the baby. Depends on if I can afford the last 6 months and make the decision later.  I am lucky as now after the two weeks full time I get full time maternity pay which I will take at half pay and that will kick me around until Feb next year and then I will take the government paid maternity scheme for 18 weeks. It’s really pretty good here for maternity conditions.

Sunday morning,  must go and have another cup of tea.  Enjoy yours.