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Solo Mom, 42 and trying for a sibling with Ivf

Last Ob Appt before the big day


Thrilled, yesterday was my last Ob appt before the big day.  It was the quickest visit, weight checked = bloody huge (I have put on more than just a baby lol),  ultrasound – checked,  sleeping tablet – checked and lastly we’ll see you in theater next week – checked.  I have been a worrier this pregnancy,  I think more than last pregnancy. If I go a day of little movement this freaks me out.  I spoke with Ob about this.  She has given me another note to go get fetal monitoring at the hospital.  I made an appt for tomorrow morning then yesterday the little fella decided to move heaps all of yesterday and today.  So I have cancelled the appt for tomorrow as I don’t need to go now and feeling much happier.  But I can any Mon, Wed or Fri if I am worried about anything.

I am finding that I am snoozing every second day or so in the afternoons now. Thank God for TV and movies for my toddler.  It allows me to snooze while she is happy to snuggle next to me under a blanket and watch Toy Story or Shrek for the millionth time.  I just couldn’t do without my mini nap and it gets me through until bedtime.

Hoping for a quick 9 days till we get to book into hospital and meet our new family member.  Now off to get the washing off the line before the cold starts to make it damp.




2 thoughts on “Last Ob Appt before the big day

  1. How exciting. The countdown is on!

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